Early Snow Alpenglow in the White Mountains

A couple of days ago, the high peaks of the White Mountains got half a foot+ of snow. I was up in New Hampshire for an appointment and was exploring some back roads north of Franconia Notch. I found an overlook with a beautiful clear view of Cannon Mountain and Franconia Notch. The view was stunning during daylight and I knew I had to come back at sunset.

Early season snow on the peaks of Franconia Notch State Park.

This time of year, sunset is pretty early. An hour later the coating of fresh snow on the tops of the peaks of Franconia Ridge was just starting to glow with sunset light.

Sunset alpenglow and snow on Franconia Ridge.

Across Franconia Notch, the top of Cannon Mountain including the Cannon Tram summit house and the observation tower looked like midwinter. The fresh snow also highlighted the curves of the Tuckerbrook Trail that drops down from the top of the Mittersill area of Cannon.

Sunset light on Cannon Mountain.
Farther to the east, I had a great view of the west side of Mount Washington and the rest of the Presidential Range. These mountains were also dusted in snow and glowing orange as the sun set behind me. The different hills and ridges of the White Mountains between me and Mount Washington picked up the purple and blue hues of sunset.
Sunset alpenglow on Mount Washington.
Early snow and sunset alpenglow on Mount Washington and the Presidential Range

Seeing the sunset on the snow has gotten me excited for winter! I’m glad I took advantage of this sunset, as well. It’s almost 60 degrees in most of New Hampshire today so hopefully we break that pattern soon and get some extended cold and snowy weather.

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